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New appointed ITF Development Officer, Vitor Cabral visited Kosovo

Vitor Cabral, Drejtor i posaemruar i ITF për Zhvillim te Tenisit në Europë vizitoi Kosovën

22 January 2018

New appointed ITF Development Officer of Europe, Portuguese Vitor Cabral visited Kosovo.
Cabral had a busy two-day visit where with the hosts they talked about the development of tennis in Kosovo.
In his official visit to the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Cabral met with the chairman of KOC, Besim Hasani. Cabral informed the host that Kosovo in the international arena has a high level of respect for the work and transparency shown in the joint development projects.
President Hasani highly praised the work of the KTF and promised that through various programs will be engage in capacity building of tennis coaches and administrators.
Vitor Cabral participated in the ceremony organized by the FTK for announcing the best of 2017. In a meeting with the FTK board of Management, they talked about the projects for tennis development such as the construction of the national tennis center, coaches , support education,  for prospective players and many other topics.
Cabral was very pleased with his visit to Kosovo and promised that the help to Kosovo for the development of tennis sports will not be missing.