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Kosovo Tennis Federation wins the appeal against ITF's decision at the Independent Tribunal

Federata e Tenisit fiton apelin kundër vendimit të ITF në Tribunalin e Pavarur Sportiv

26 September 2017

Kosovo Tennis Federation has appealed to the Independent Sports Tribunal against the decision of the International Tennis Federation for non-participation in the Fed Cup 2017. It was Moldova as the host country of Fed Cup that did not allow the representatives of Kosovo to tennis to participate.
Despite the fact that Kosovo had made all the preliminary preparations, including ticket booking for Moldova, the host country with the justification of not recognizing the state of Kosovo did not allow Kosovars to participate. The host country according to ITF rules of organizing such events is obliged to allow all participant countries to enter the country without any condition and exeptions.
ITF for this reason strangely and tendentially rather than fine the host country for not allowing Kosovo’s participation, decides that the Kosovo Tennis Federation should be guilty of this and consequently fine it with 1500 euros.
Kosovo Tennis Federation appealed to the Independent Sports Tribunal, which annulled ITF’s decision on Kosovo’s fine.